Snowfull in Seattle

Hide your kids, hide your wife…Seattle is in a state of emergency!! That’s right, Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire has declared a state of emergency. “Bring in the National Guard if necessary!!” he said. Freezing rain has fallen continuously since 4am. There has been an estimate of 4.6 inches of snow in the last 24 hours.

Seattle may be in a state of emergency, but California Host is not! Over 95 flights to Seattle-Tacoma were cancelled including all 3 of Lauren’s. Seattle has set a record low of 27 degrees and a daily snowfall of 6.8” at the airport. Needless to say, we are happy that Lauren is warm and safe in our San Francisco office.

Besides to being host to a freak snowstorm, Seattle is welcoming our client Emirates to celebrate to the launch of service to Seattle. Mother Nature sure has a silly way of greeting our international friends. Quite a change of seasons for them since Dubai is expecting a high of 74 degrees tomorrow.

While we were all very exciting for this glamorous launch party, we wanted to keep everyone safe and dry. With a couple of phone calls, Lauren and Lindsey were able to seamlessly postpone our party till tomorrow night. So don’t put away your dancing shoes just yet, the party is still on! Rain, shine, or snow!

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1 Response to Snowfull in Seattle

  1. Mark J. Fiore says:

    With Kyle on the job we know all will go well despite the weather.

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