Relationships – How important are they?

Whether your relationships are in your industry, in your city, or across the world makes a big difference in your success. How often have you heard someone say, we have been working together for X-many years? The lasting connection brings several things to mind: 1) the two are connected, 2) they have credibility, 3) they are loyal.

What happens when you get a piece of business in Thailand and you’ve never done anything there? How do you find the reliable suppliers considering the language barrier? Will they give you what you’re asking for or what they are hearing? If you are not of the same understanding, you may be very disappointed in the quality of service you receive. You cannot afford to just take a chance.   This is why relationships are so important.

When looking for a supplier in a location I am not familiar with, I reach out to the many reliable sources I have developed through my relationships. Sources you can rely on:

1)      Use an international DMC group that is based in the US and have partners in all major countries.  These DMC’s usually know the hotels, transportations companies, event producers, decorators, and anything you might require.

2)      Have your local hotel contacts suggest hotels they have in the city you are traveling to. Ask them to do an introduction to the sales person who would handle your account.

3)      Hotels can also refer you to a good DMC that they work with. Usually hotels have very high standards of DMC’s

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