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Relationships – How important are they?

Whether your relationships are in your industry, in your city, or across the world makes a big difference in your success. How often have you heard someone say, we have been working together for X-many years? The lasting connection brings … Continue reading

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Booking Entertainment – How to Stretch the Dollar

Booking entertainment is often times one of the most expensive aspects of the meeting or event. I have some tips for getting great entertainers by asking the right questions. If you are looking for a headliner, prepare a few questions … Continue reading

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To Err is Human, to Know is Experience

When was the last time you made a mistake? What did you do? Did you fixate on the mistake or did you not even miss a beat and move to get it fixed. Most mistakes have options if you move … Continue reading

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Value-Added Solutions

As a planner your client trusts you to represent them and negotiate the best value you can to benefit them.  Make sure they see you have focused on hotel room rates, negotiated food and beverage and investigated additional values like … Continue reading

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Hotel Contract Negotiations – You are the boss

Realize that when you are selecting the hotel properties you want to use, you are bringing business to them and they now have an opportunity to book a piece of business.  Remember that sales people want business that is to … Continue reading

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Themed Parties – Keep Things New

Looking for a themed party? Do something different. Don’t think about the old ideas that we have all done. If you are hiring a DMC or event producer, ask the question “is there an event that you have designed that … Continue reading

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Gifts Galore

California’s largest gift fair hits San Francisco this week!  And let me tell you, it’s a planner’s dream!  Just take a moment and think of the endless possibilities of gift giving… Now wipe the drool from your face and focus. … Continue reading

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