Special Event Management

California Host has developed a tremendous reputation as a Special Event Management Company. We are particularly known for “over the top” events. If you’ve worked in Silicon Valley you have probably been to one of our special events. It may have been the 25th anniversary of Fairchild Semiconductor in the 70’s, the launch of Macintosh in the 80’s, or one of the “sky’s the limit” AMD events in the 90’s. Unlike San Francisco of the 60’s, if you were there, you remember!

It is said that every special event is a marketing opportunity. As a Special Event Management Company, California Host knows that every event is a marketing necessity. At every client, public or employee event, attendees will walk away with a message, whether you know it or not: “This is a professional organization”, “my company really cares about me” or “this is the type of company we need to partner with”. California Host helps control the message of your special event.

We work with our clients to understand the branding, messaging and desired outcomes at the beginning. We ask the right questions and more importantly listen carefully. Success leaves clues and your past events shed light on what has worked and what has not. Every company’s culture is different and that is why we custom design every event. And don’t let our name fool you, we can plan your special event around the globe by putting our worldwide Destination Management Company experience to work for you.

Special Event Management is all about creativity, resources, experience and attention to detail. Just call us now at 415-646-0350 to have your very own California Host memorable event.

Some of Our Special Events:

  • Theme Parties
  • Customer Events
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Launch Events
  • Event Marketing
  • Client Hospitality Events
  • Hospitality Suites
  • Company Picnics
  • Road Shows
  • Trade Show Events
  • Grand Openings

Performance Incentives & Recognition Programs

Performance Incentive & Recognition Programs are all about motivating and rewarding valuable employees and customers with an unforgettable experience. California Host understands the importance to impress the attendee while delivering a measurable return on investment to our client. We do this through communicating clear goals and outcomes desired. Our events are perfect for Sales Incentives, Performance Recognitions, Awards Programs, and much more.

We can deliver the dream incentive program in any country using exotic locations, first class hotels, outstanding venues for events and a large variety of leisure activities. Whether you want a private lunch on the Great Wall of China, a finale event on Alcatraz or a private tour of the Vatican, trust California Host to manage the details and create the wow factor. It is always the unique experiences that the attendees remember their entire lives. We have operated Sales Incentives & other Performance Recognition Programs all over the world – London, San Francisco, Sydney, Chiang Mai, Paris…with California Host, the world is at your feet.

Call us at 415-646-0350 to begin planning the perfect incentive or to find out where the hottest destinations are.

Performance Incentive & Recognition Programs Include:

  • Program Design
  • Air and Ground Transportation
  • Site Selection
  • Budget Management
  • Food & Beverage Planning
  • On-site Management
  • Entertainment
  • Web Registration
  • Database Management
  • Speakers & Facilitators
  • Gift Fulfillment

Corporate Meeting Planning & Management

California Host takes a strategic approach Corporate Meeting Planning. When it comes to our conferences and meetings, we partner with you from the beginning to ensure a flawless program. Our expert staff works as an extension of your team for a seamless experience to the attendee.

We specialize in Corporate Meeting Planning as well as the management of the following: Sales meetings, user conferences, medical meetings, CEO programs and Performance Incentives on every continent. Our global relationships make it possible for us to provide the same high level of service regardless of the location. For this reason we have established quite a reputation as a Destination Management Company.

Call us at 415-646-0350 to tap into 41 years of global experience.

Corporate Meeting Planning Services Include:

  • Theme and Collateral Development
  • Budget Management
  • Site Selection
  • Food & Beverage Planning
  • On-site Management
  • Entertainment
  • Registration
  • Air and Ground Transportation
  • Vendor Selection
  • Marketing
  • Web Registration
  • Database Management
  • Speakers & Facilitators

Trade Show Planning Services

California Host is the only company you should consider for Trade Show Planning Services. We are experts at all aspects of Conferences, Conventions & Trade Show management. We are also masters at understanding our client’s needs and developing a customized plan to utilize resources and stretch marketing budgets.

From a custom booth for a single trade show to a 25 city road show, we will take care of the Trade Show Planning details so you can focus on the big picture. California Host will design and construct the booth, manage the logistics and show services, drive traffic to the booth and plan the most unique and engaging client hospitality events to deliver the leads and clients.

California Host was the official tradeshow/event company for Comdex Las Vegas because our experience and creativity ensured the exhibitors would have an excellent show. We can do the site selection, contract the vendors, housing, manage the registration and exhibitors, design the show floor and coordinate the events.

Call us at 415-646-0350 to find out how to increase leads and have all of the logistics professionally managed.

Trade Show Planning Services:

  • Show Management
  • Booth Design and Construction
  • Booth Marketing
  • Traffic Builders
  • Customer Hospitality Events
  • Media and Press Events

Other Services Include:

  • Theme and Collateral Development
  • Budget Management
  • Site Selection
  • Food & Beverage Planning
  • On-site Management
  • Entertainment
  • Registration
  • Air and Ground Transportation
  • Vendor Selection
  • Marketing
  • Web Registration
  • Database Management
  • Speakers & Facilitators

Hospitality Procurement & Purchasing

California Host is uniquely positioned to provide consolidated Hospitality Procurement & Purchasing Services including Corporate Meeting Planning, Special Event Planning, Conferences and Trade Shows, Performance Incentives , as well as Destination Management Services.

We are a global leader in Meeting and Event Management. We will consistently provide you with innovative solutions and high impact results. Don’t believe me, just ask our clients.

California Host has 41 years of experience in Hospitality Procurement & Purchasing. We are adept at sourcing top suppliers and we consolidated our vendor relationships in the 90’s internationally. We are only as good as our partners so we treat them like valued employees to ensure top performance.

Our global alliances give us consolidated purchasing power and we are able to negotiate lower prices because of our long term relationships.

We have brought together a spectacular team of seasoned professionals to ensure knowledge of all meeting and event types. You will have 24 hour access to your account manager and the resources of a world class company.

Contact us at 415-646-0350 to discuss our Hospitality Procurement & Purchasing. See how California Host can consolidate your programs with the following services.

  • Value through Volume Buying
  • Beneficial Concession Negotiations
  • Proven Ability to Work within any Budget
  • Flexible Pricing Structure
  • Consolidation Discounts
  • California Host Fee Reduction through Consolidation
  • Value Added Services
  • Uniformed Contracts

Destination Management Services

California Host started as a Destination Management Company before there was even a name for it. We have been perfecting our skills for more than 41 years to provide a truly unique experience for corporate groups. As a Destination Management Company, or DMC, we manage airport arrivals, tours and activities, dine-arounds, off-site events and transportation. We are the experts in California, Hawaii and throughout the West, and would love to provide the Destination Management Services for your next trip.

Our creative and resourceful team will help you design the Destination Management Program that is right for your company. Our goal is to make the attendees feel as though they have experienced the destination as only a local can. We do this by using unique and exclusive venues for events, creative and custom designed tours and activities, imaginative themes and the finest luxury vehicles for transportation.

One of a Kind Destination Management Tours

  • Guided Tours
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Spa Experience
  • Wine Country Tours
  • Sailing Regattas
  • Sporting Events
  • Teambuilding

Creative Special Events & Programs

  • Opening Receptions
  • Gala Events
  • Dine-Arounds
  • Unique Venues
  • Entertainment

Transportation Services

  • Airport Meet & Greet Services
  • VIP & Group Transfers
  • Specialty Transportation
  • Air Charters

Call us at 415-646-0350 to experience the California Host difference and see why our Destination Management clients come back to us year after year. We also provide Corporate Meeting & Event Planning services, so please Contact Us for more details. We will get you a proposal within 24-48 hours.

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